Splendor Innovative Pte Ltd, was established in 2006 and specializes on Industrial and Food packaging supplies. We work with a network of suppliers and resources that delivers the utmost advanced materials and packaging technology to today’s Industrial, food processors and retail environments. 


Machine Supplies:

Today machinery plays increasingly important roles as to protect products, to improve labour productivity, food hygiene and others. As such Splendor Innovative Pte Ltd have full range of machinery cater to all industry needs.

Food Packaging Supplies:

Splendor Innovative Pte Ltd carries wide range of quality food trays & films: Dual Ovenable(CPET), Skin Packaging, Top Sealing, MAP and others. Trays are specially developed for:


And with our machinery we are able to help customer not just to deliver effective shelf life solutions that cut cost, improve productivity and also drive revenues.

Our professional team with market capability on packaging designers that bring your packaging ideas to life. We will continue to offer quality solutions and a market leading range of products to our valued customers.